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About me


My name is Natalia and I am a mom of to amazing kids, a teacher, a writer and an illustrator. 

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Hello Sunshine!

I am very happy to welcome you to my new blog.  I love creating cute, positive, whimsical designs and illustrations.  ☺️ If enjoy scrapbooking, coloring and making cards and you like my designs, you may want to check our  Facebook group (for freebies and unique designs). If you are interested in digital stamp sets, check my Etsy Shop. Wishing you a magical day!  💕Natalia

New Mermaids Digital Stamps

You’ve heard it before: I love drawing Mermaids. I don’t really know why - there is something magical about them. These pictures will work great on some handmade cards, as clipart, as digital stickers for Goodnote, and as coloring pages. If your kids love coloring Mermaids, this is a treat 🧜‍♀️🙃 Mine do and I have a few beautifully colored versions of this one around the house:  As always, I have added some of the desifgns to our Facebook group, so if you feel like you want to test the designs, just join us!  The whole set consists of 6 different Mermaids with 3 different faces and some extra underwater elements.  You may find it in my Etsy shop . Hope you like this one!  Want to see my other Mermaids sets?  Check these posts: Mermaids Digital Stamps - set no.2 Mermaid Digital Stamps

Mermaid Digital Stamps

  Some pictures are so much more fun to draw than others.  I always feel quite special about drawing Mermaids - don’t know why, it has probably to do with all the beautiful illustrations I saw as a kid.  You will find many Mermaid digital stamps and clipart in my Etsy shop, different styles, different lines, endless creative possibilities!  Here is one of the first sets I have ever created - I am so grateful so many talented colorists found it worth working with! If you like this set, you may get it here:   Cute Mermaid Digital Stamps Set, PNG & SVG files, Black and White Clipart